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About Illusion Arts

Experience you can trust!
Illusion Arts Magic has been in existence for over 15 years building and designing professional apparatus for both amateur and professional performers.

Hand-Crafted Quality
Ours is not an assembly line, rather a team of dedicated craftsmen and performers who are dedicated to creating the most attractive and well-built effects.

Custom Requests
You can tell by perusing our gallery of effects that we take great care in constructing and finishing our products. We also like a challenge, so if you have an ideal for an original effect or just a slight improvement on an existing devise just ask! We can also do research on methods you might not have considered.

Magic Item Repair
We can also help you fix or repair older items. We have a full workshop and technicians capable of restoring damaged and worn apparatus.

Excellent Reputation
Users of our products are more than satisfied with the products and our customer support. Illusion Arts Magic always has been, and always will be doing business with you with a great reputation behind us.

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